What is Family Five?

Family Five creates practical and playful content that aims to bring families closer together. Its mobile app enables parents and caretakers to spend more quality time with their children.

What does the app do?

The core of the Family Five app is a growing collection of over 500 fun and development boosting activities to do with your children. You receive a daily reminder at pre-defined, convenient times to pick one of the free randomly selected activities to do with your family.

As a premium member you can access all activities categorised by theme for easy discoverability. In addition to the activities, you’re encouraged to set goals to develop positive behaviours for yourself and your family. Some goals can be achieved within a day and other make take a week or a month. Premium members also have access to a growing collection of vetted, practical suggestions on how to handle certain difficult situations parents of the community may encounter with their children. Note that we update the app with new content every month so won’t run into the same.

We strongly recommend putting your phone away during the activities. The best way to enjoy quality time is when you get to spend your undivided attention on your family.

How does the app benefit my family?

The Family Five app:

  • Enables you to spend quality time with your family, anytime anywhere
  • Encourages and supports training of positive behavior
  • Provides practical suggestions on how to deal with difficult situations at the moment when you need it.
  • Provides insight into, and keep track of the cognitive development and life skills of your family.

Each of the Family Five activities, situations and behaviours contribute to the development of one or more of nearly 50 different cognitive development areas or skills, such as Creativity, Leadership, Collaboration, Critical Thinking and Perspective Taking. These areas and skills are considered to be essential ingredients to improve your child’s life outcome and ultimately happiness.

For what children’s age group is the app intended?

Most of the activities in the Family Five app are intended for families with children 5 to 12 years old. However, some of the conversation starters are just as suitable for older children and some of the active and drawing activities can be done by younger children.

What is the best way to get started?

When you start the app for the first time, you are required to fill in some details about your family members. Note that we do not use this data for any other purpose than usage within this app, see our privacy policy for more on this. You can invite your partner or up to 5 other caregivers to the same account. This way, progress can be stored by multiple people from various devices.

We recommend you begin with trying out some of the free daily activities. When you want more flexibility and access all activities whenever you want you can subscribe to one of our monthly plans.

How do I purchase a subscription?

You can make an in-app subscription purchase through iTunes or Google Play by tapping one of the locked sections in the app. Please note, we are not able to modify or directly refund subscription purchases made via iTunes.

How do I cancel auto-subscription?

You can cancel your Family Five subscription at any time, and you will continue to have access to the premium content until the subscription expires. Please see below to find out how to turn off auto-renewal or cancel your subscription.

App Store Subscriptions (iOS)

If you wish to cancel when your current subscription ends, all you need to do is manage your auto-renew option through the iTunes account settings on your iPhone. It’s important to note that this has to be done on your mobile device itself, and cannot be done on our end.

You can access your device’s subscription settings through the Family Five app ‘Manage Subscription’ page. Please tap the settings icon in the top corner of your home screen, then in Settings, please tap ‘Manage Subscription’ to be re-directed to your phone’s iTunes settings. Once there, you should see the Family Five subscription listed with an option to cancel.

If you have any trouble with that, please see this support article for details on how to get to the cancellation page through your phone’s Settings menu: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht4098

Play Store Subscriptions (Android)

To manage your subscription, either open the Google Play Store app and then select “My Apps” and look for the Subscriptions tab, or go to the Google Play Store website, click ‘Account’ in the left-hand menu, and scroll down to the Subscriptions section.

You can also access the subscription through the Family Five app, by tapping the “Manage Subscription” page in Settings. This can be accessed via the Settings button on the home screen.

Please see this support article for more details: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481