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Alice Hanscam

PCI Certified Parent Coach®
Denali Parent Coaching
United States of America
Parent education
My passion for supporting families has extended over 40 years, and I intend it to continue for many, many more. I am an author of parenting books and a multitude of articles, and have been a parent coach for many years. I’ve had the honor and privilege of connecting and working with many of you, helping each of you to create the positive and meaningful change you’ve desired. I’ve raised two lovely daughters alongside my husband, have taught preschool, co-directed an infant-toddler center, mentored daycare providers and parents, been a caregiver for many children and families through the years, taught parent education classes, led workshops, volunteered often, and feel renewed each time I get to spend time with any child who graces my life.
Denali Parent Coaching
Join me in changing our world, one relationship at a time. It matters. You matter. Our children matter.
Welcome to Just Ask Alice!
I look forward to sharing with you my stories, experiences, and bits of parenting wisdom.  My work as a coach has influenced me in powerful ways--I've been grateful and blessed to work with many, many parents seeking to create real and positive change (and doing so!) in their lives and relationships
Featured book
PAUSE: The Power of Parenting
(and Living) with Calm Connection

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