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Dr. Makeba Butler

Parent Coach and Educator
Educate Empower Evolve
Chicago, United States of America
Emotional intelligence
Parent child relationship
Parent education
Dr. Makeba Butler is the Founder and Principal Trainer of MCB Educational Solutions, a certified woman, minority, and veteran-owned education consultancy specializing in increased student performance through new teacher training and education and parent education.
A transformational change leader and “Edupreneur”, Dr. Makeba’s research envelops the proven effectiveness of building sustainable relationships in the educational work space and home environment, and links it to long-term, increased student performance. She is committed to strengthening family and school relationships by providing resources that educate and empower the parent, resulting in increased and more effective parental involvement.
Dr. Makeba’s commitment to student improvement spans from a holistic approach of leader to teacher to student to parent development. She understands that each entity contributes largely to how a student performs- socially, emotionally, behaviorally, and academically.
Dr. Makeba is a Gateways to Opportunity Registry Trainer with the Illinois Professional Development System, an Adjunct Professor of Entrepreneurship at Dominican University, and has served as a public school teacher, teacher mentor, trainer, panelist, multiple session facilitator, public and guest speaker in various professional and educational spaces.
Dr. Makeba completed a 4-year research study on the effects of teacher-student relationships and how they encourage Black male student achievement and is currently extending the study to how these same relationships can be applied to the parent-child connection. Her study has been downloaded over 1150 times, both internationally and domestically, and has become a go-to resource for researchers and educators abroad.
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Unapologetically Me: A story of pain, passion, and PURPOSE
Unapologetically Me: A story of pain, passion, and PURPOSE
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Dr. Makeba Butler
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