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Client Coach Agreement

Last updated June 1st, 2020

What you can expect from your coach and parent coaching:

I will provide a pre-defined number of live parent coaching sessions on a specific topic via video conferencing. I will use my knowledge and experience for the betterment of your parenting or teaching relationship at all times. I will hold your family as a highly valued, healthy entity. I will not do therapy, as I am not a licensed therapist. Rather, I will coach you on the specifics of applying Present Moment Parenting in your home. I will refer you to a therapist if it is determined to be necessary. Our parent coaching relationship may continue during the time that the therapy is taking place. If coaching does continue, we acknowledge that it is training in a specific set of skills, and is complementary to the therapy. I will respect your privacy, while sharing the limits of confidentiality with you.

Your Rights as a Client

In addition to the above expectations, you have the following rights:
  • 1.
    To expect that your coach has appropriate qualifications, training, and experience for competent practice.
  • 2.
    To request information regarding the credentials of your coach.
  • 3.
    To a grievance process.
  • 4.
    To be informed of cost of service before receiving coaching.
  • 5.
    To privacy as defined by policy and law.
  • 6.
    To be free from discrimination on the basis of race, religion, gender, or other unlawful category.
  • 7.
    To have access to records completed by your coach according to Center for the Challenging Child’s policy.
  • 8.
    To insert information into your client file.
  • 9.
    To be free from exploitation for the benefit or advantage of your coach.


The Center for the Challenging Child maintains a strict policy on the confidentiality of your records. All information you share, or of which we become aware through our work with you, will remain confidential. Information will not be shared unless you have given your permission via a signed Release of Information. Anu Family Services complies with accreditation requirements through Council on Accreditation, which may require review of your records by COA staff.
There are some circumstances in which this policy becomes void, and we are required by law to release information:
  • If your coach becomes aware that you may be a danger to yourself or others.
  • If your coach becomes aware of child abuse or neglect.
  • If your coach is subpoenaed to court to testify or your records are subpoenaed by the court.

If you have a complaint

You have a right to a fair process if you have a concern or complaint. You will have your concerns addressed in a fair and reasonable manner without fear of reprisal according to the following procedure:
  • 1.
    As a client you or your family member will be the first address the concern with your Parent Coach.
  • 2.
    If the concern is not resolved, you have the right to request a team meeting with Center for the Challenging Child.
  • 3.
    If the concern is still unresolved, you may put the concern in writing to the Chief Operating Officer (COO) who will schedule a special meeting, which may include members of the Center for the Challenging Child team and any additional persons identified by you. The COO will complete a summary of the grievances and will issue a resolution.
  • 4.
    You have a right to have all records of the grievance placed in writing in your file and copies will be sent to all involved parties.
Clients filing a grievance should receive timely written notification of the resolution. Thank you for your trust in our parent coaching services. I look forward to working with you and bringing out the very best in the intense child/children in your life!
By registering for the Masterclass you acknowledge and accept this Client Coach Agreement
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