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Parenting Multiples

Twins, triplets and beyond
Live coaching session via Zoom
United States
Tia Fagan
Certified Conscious Parenting Coach
Tia Fagan Coaching
Is the sibling rivalry and fighting upsetting? Are your multiple constantly competing? Are you struggling to find that one on one time for each child? Do you wonder how to nourish their individuality when many people see and treat them as a single unit? Parenting multiples adds another dynamic in parenting with different challenges.
Join Tia Fagan, mother of identical twin 20-year-old daughters and parent coach, along with other parents experiencing similar challenges. Learn tools, feels supported, and have a safe place to share. With group coaching you will feel more empowered and able to navigate the day to day life of parenting multiples. The Parenting Multiples Ages 6-12 group will meet for 6 weeks, 90 minutes each session.
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About this session

This is a series of six 90 minute sessions to help you navigate the challenges of parenting multiples.

Who is it for?

This Group Coaching is for parents of multiples, ages 7-12, who are looking for more support and tools specific to parenting multiples. Create connections and learn from each other all while receiving coaching on the unique challenges of parenting multiples. There is another Group Coaching session for kids ages 0-6.

What is included?

Each group coaching session is 90-minutes and will take place on Zoom. There will be 6 coaching sessions consisting of a short teaching and supporting members around what is challenging them most that week.

How does it work?

After registration you will receive a confirmation email with the Zoom meeting details. You are requested to install the Zoom Video meeting application on your computer (recommended), phone or tablet. You can download their free software here: About 10 minutes before the session starts you will receive a reminder with the Zoom meeting details.
Interested in this session? Express your interest and we'll let you know once it's scheduled
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