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Building Healthy Digital Habits

In Partnership with Weldon and Dashlane
Live webinar via Zoom
United States
Teodora Pavkovic
Parenting Coach
Parenting in the age of technology
Now that the school year is here and our families’ screen time increasing we have so many questions around technology. How do we build healthy tech habits for our family? How does technology affect our children and family? How do we keep our families information and data safe?
Psychologist and digital wellness expert, Teodora Pavkovic, will dive deeper into how we can create a healthy relationship with technology and our families.
We’re also teaming up with Weldon and leading password management company, Dashlane, to help us understand how we can keep our families’ information safe in this ever-changing digital world.
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About Teodora Teodora Pavkovic is a psychotherapist, international speaker and parenting coach specializing in emotional intelligence, digital wellness and parenting in the age of technology. She delivers workshops and trainings at schools and in corporate settings, and is frequently invited to present at conferences such as TEDx in Singapore and the Humane Technology Conference in New York City. She co-chairs the parenting professionals working group of the Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood, is a member of the Digital Wellness Collective and serves as an advisory board member of Trehaus School in Singapore - a Silicon Valley-inspired school combining tech- & tech-free approaches to education.
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About Dashlane Dashlane is the safe, savvy shortcut for everything you do online. Securely store and fill in passwords, personal info, and payment details with just a click. Dashlane works across most major operating systems, devices, and browsers so everything your family does online, from streaming to shopping, is easier with Dashlane.
Interested in this session? Express your interest and we'll let you know once it's scheduled
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