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Your companion on the journey of parenthood

Nurture your relationship with the kids, develop positive habits and learn from the experts: Family5 helps you to create the family life you want.

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Building Healthy Digital Habits
by Teodora Pavkovic

Want to become a better parent?

Family5 is the first real-world mobile parenting app for parents with young children. And, the only app that reminds you to put your phone away and give your child your undivided attention.

Designed to improve the quality of family life and maximize life outcomes for kids, Family5 delivers inspiration, easy-to-use parenting tools and advice in a format suited to today’s busy parent.



Fun family activities that boost the development of children’s critical life skills



A simple and effective tool to encourage positive behavior and the development of healthy habits



Practical suggestions from parenting coaches and family experts to help you deal with common parenting dilemmas

Key Features

Each completed activity or goal appears on your personal family Journal. Because your Family5 space is private, only people you granted access, for example your partner or the grandparents, can access it. So, are the kids staying at the in-laws or at your co-parent for the weekend? If they have access, they can add completed activities and goals, including photos to the Journal too!


An ever growing collection of over 500 age appropriate, easy to do activities validated by experts to encourage quality family time. Each activity supports the development of one or more cognitive aspects of a developing mind. Choose your activity based on theme, location, duration or participants’ ages.


Over 100 realistic and achievable weekly goals for the whole family, endorsed by experts to promote positive behavior, inspire good routines and help develop valuable social and emotional skills.


Find helpful tips and suggestions from Family5 parenting coaches and family experts to help you handle the challenges of modern day parenting.

Maximizing Life Outcome

Family5 empowers parents and caretakers to maximize their kids’ life outcome.

Positive parenting and spending frequent, genuine quality time with your kids will have a lasting impact on their health, psychological well-being and educational achievement. Building a strong family unit gives kids the security and stability to succeed.

Each of the Family Five activities, goals and suggestions is underpinned by expert research and helps parents to promote one or more of the cognitive, emotional or social skills their children will require in the 21st Century.

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